Male breasts that defy the norm. Also commonly referred to as "man boobs" - just a little more sophisticated.
Standing at the bar I nearly hit on a guy with "breasticles" the size of Aunt Martha's mammary protuberances.
Beküldő: IamwhoIam69 2014. január 6.
A woman's breasts and/or vagina and/or rear-end. Her girlie bits.
He was totally checking out my breasticles.
Beküldő: steigerbeat 2010. április 22.
check out that chick's breasticles.
Beküldő: end of the internet 2010. április 15.
. Manboobs
. Erected nipples
. Shaggy breasts (Female)- 'It resembles testicles'
. Torpedos
"What a good Daddy, he can use his breasticles feed tha baby while Mama's busy on her manjina."
Beküldő: Lil Tankstar 2009. november 28.
Boobs that are sooooo saggy, they could be mistaken as balls. :)
1# omgosh, look at how saggy those old lady's boobs are!
Beküldő: EllaEcstasy 2009. november 24.
saggy ass titties
that biatch gots some saggy breasticles
Beküldő: elbasha 2008. október 16.
testicles with nipples on them
dude thats gross hes got breasticles
Beküldő: steevin 2007. május 16.

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