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big metal torture devices that dentists use for entertainment
"Braces are used for straightening teeth, Stevie," Dr. Hyde said.
Beküldő: Jordan 2003. november 14.
2265 250
Legal form of child torture.
Dentists think they're being nice by letting kids choose different colors.

They can suck it.
Beküldő: theskyxisfalling 2005. június 28.
2072 303
an excuse for girls to get out of giving blowjobs.
OUCH! It's tearing the skin!
Beküldő: DaddyShaggy 2004. szeptember 19.
1773 400
It's a normal, calm day until you visit the dentist. They give you the horrible news- you need braces. First you have to put these little things in between your teeth. Then you have to take mold and x-rays and get on these little metal torture devices, hand made by Satan and shipped from hell itself. After two years of them being tightened and getting screamed at by your orthodonist (unless you get a not demon-possessed one), you get them off. "YAY!" you think, until they hand you your retainer, which is a pain to make sure you don't lose it whe you take it off to eat and you have to make sure to wear it or else it won't fit anymore. In short, braces are the worse things I've ever had the displeasure to wear.
Beküldő: A random somebody 2005. szeptember 2.
1244 146
Metal brackets worn in your mouth to fix crooked teeth. Not fun to wear but once they come off you will be greatful you ever got them.
I wore braces for 2 years, but it was worth it cause I got straight teeth!
Beküldő: Zero1986 2004. február 6.
982 245
black and decker pecker wreckers...
She cant give him head... shes got braces.
Beküldő: Emily 2003. november 17.
620 183
Medieval Torture Devices that prevent you from both eating properly and speaking.
We gave him braces for 2 years. That should teach him not to steal.
Beküldő: matchewg 2006. március 20.
448 103