The phrase to describe someone that is very fat and bald
-Fat bald person walks down the street-
Guy2: Oh my god, he is so Bowling for Soup!
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Beküldő: Zircon00 2011. május 26.
4 fat guys from Texas. If they weren't musically gifted, they would be complete losers. I think they're good, but you dumbasses are arguing if they're good or not. I side with neither and will mock you both. First, they are a good band and this obsession with 1985, it isnt a nonsense song. It's about a woman remembering how she loved the 80's but the fans don't give a damn and don't understand the song. Second, they aren't a punk band. They might have the right to be since they were all losers in school(I'm pretty sure they were) unlike this jackasses like My Chemical Romance. They don't complain that their life sucks in their songs. And for people who think they're punk, these songs pertain to absolutely NOBODY! Everyone thinks there life sucks, but they aren't as bad as they think. You just ruin your own life. Anyway, I could have stopped at "4 fat guys from Texas"
Bowling for Soup used to be complete losers in high school.
Beküldő: Hell Yeah I'm American! 2005. július 20.
4 large people
Beküldő: SillyWil 2003. szeptember 4.
a band that wrote 1985, in which a bunch of fucked up teeny boppers sing along, not knowing about the bands theyre singing about
AnD bRiNg BaCk sPrinGy!, mAdna!, wAy b4 NIvRana, tHere wAs YuO TwO! aNd bLondy, aNd mYYUSic sTIll oN MtV!! LOL!! OMG
Beküldő: Johnnydn 2005. március 13.
An orgy on eight legs , hubba hubba hubba
Lets go into that room and boel for soup baby
Beküldő: BamBam 2003. szeptember 4.
One day a guy from Texas thought to himself "Y'know, what the world needs right now is another Nerf Herder except fat, untalented, and not funny." 3 of his friends agreed. They went on to form a band that skirts the boundaries of nerdcore, pop-punk, and just plain crap.

The band has a few good songs, most of which come about when they don't take themselves very seriously and succeed in being somewhat amusing, but then the lead singer is like "I want to make things kinda serious for a minute, and talk about this girl who left me 15 years ago." at which point their music becomes forgettable, cliche, and lame.
Bowling for Soup should have stayed in Texas.
Beküldő: Mattersy 2005. január 19.
Hopefully the last MTV bred annoying pop band that claims to be punk, because they sing about equally anoying subject matter. It is only funny to 12 year olds that still find the word "poop" funny.
The only 2 Bowling For Soup Albums ever to be sold, were sold to a 57 year old single overweight gay man and a small mentally retarded girl.
Beküldő: tylerp 2005. május 30.
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