The dog that humps my brother all the time. Boss once had his balls tugged on because he had sexual relations with my cousin.
Stephen takes all the orders from Boss.
Beküldő: Alex 2003. december 28.
Bruce Springsteen
The Boss' album, Born in the USA, is widely seen as a symbol of America's blue collar working class.
Beküldő: JoanieLovesChachi 2004. március 8.
Hugo Boss AG, German men's clothing Brand.
Boss in motion.
Beküldő: Gumba Gumba 2004. március 26.
a friend way to greet someone
Wud up boss?
Beküldő: LoCo 2003. december 10.
v. To walk confidently; to strut.
"So I was bossin' down the street..."
Beküldő: izalex 2003. augusztus 21.
One of God's mistakes. A worthless thing that talks out of its ass.
My boss refused to give us all a raise despite record sales for two months straight.
Beküldő: employee 2003. március 27.
mediocre, retarded. opposite of hott + hawt. as taken in parallel to it's original intended meaning - ossum.
homo v./2.0's livejournal is boss.
Beküldő: pixelinpink 2005. május 10.
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