dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
Beküldő: 10th pl 2007. szeptember 26.
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A name to call a female who gives head to anyone. They call them a bop because when they give head they bop there heads.
That lil bop was messing with my man last night!
Beküldő: Eyebis 2005. június 11.
Also means give head (blowjob)
She said she waas going to bop me today
Beküldő: Sarah 2005. április 4.
when someone recieves/gives oral sex
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 18.
A dance usally seen at parties or fiestas. Also seen when a person is turning up. Known regulary in Chicago, IL
Beküldő: turn_up_child 2013. július 17.
"Bops" A Word Do Describe A Young Female.
Dawg Iam not Trying To Hang Out With Them "Bops",All They Are Is Trouble!
Beküldő: Finger Pop'n Paul 2006. június 14.
im from the by and being a bop means u basically are a slut and known for being one.also known as a hoochie. know that one girl....she a bop.
Beküldő: iknowbops 2008. július 10.
A sexual favor, usually a handjob or blowjob.
I'm gonna get some bops tonight!
Beküldő: Artoonie 2006. október 27.

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