The woman who makes the call for sex.
Robbie was my booty call.
Beküldő: boybrutus 2005. november 12.
A phone call that can only be made after 1 AM.
"Let's give Tanya a booty call!"
Beküldő: star8706 2003. február 2.
when apimp teases 4 some booty
Why'd u let him play u like dat? U knew it was a damn booty call!
Beküldő: daddy j_101 2005. január 11.
when you are sitting down and your cell phone is in your back pocket, and when it rings-your butt answers the phone.
Someone: "I called you earlier, and you picked up, but i couldn't hear you talking...what was that?"
You: "Oh that? That must have been a bootycall."
Beküldő: EllBrad 2006. december 30.
to give or recieve anything anally sexual.
Damn ryan gave me the finest booty call i've had in 3 yrs!
Beküldő: becca 2004. december 19.

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