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to have sex. the act of having sex.
They boomed on the beach.

Peter walked in on his folks while they were booming.
Beküldő: Natalie 2005. március 3.
12 28
to engage in sexual intercourse with a partner.
to boom, having boom, boomed,
bill and jane are booming now.
Beküldő: freeky_sexxer 2005. február 10.
18 34
a word used to describe someone usually a woman who has an incredibly large arse, however can also be used to express a back fat issue,although male boom does occur the female variety is much more entertaining can also become mega boom
1.hey look at her what do you think?
1.i agree, mega boom
Beküldő: ny1985 2004. november 28.
5 21
1-A sound that a bomb makes when it explodes
2-A word that Tim westwood likes to repeat
3-The back beat of a hardhouse track
2-"Dam this joint is hot yea, exactly!Lean back Lets drop a bomb on this joint !BOOOM! LEAN BACK!"
3-"Boom, Boom, Boom and a Boom"
Beküldő: fez 2004. október 14.
20 36
An unexpected event.
You get caught slippin and then boom
Beküldő: Sun Rhythms 2004. október 13.
10 26
bombed out of our mind
Me, Dick, Dave, and Derek went out on the boat and killed 3 cases of Modelo Especial, we all were Bombed out of our Minds. We said BOOM!
Beküldő: Lorenzo T 2007. június 23.
3 20
To make money from hustling drugs.
Man I boomed off of that dope homie.
Beküldő: A-Bomb TGN 2005. július 20.
6 23