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Word used to provide enfisis.
person 1: "How was the game"
person 2: "It was like BOOM!"
Beküldő: Saxel 2010. június 26.
0 5
Boom: meaning I told you so, or I just did something great or something great happened! Basically meaning in your face.
you outscore your friend in a game! in that instance you would say "BOOM"!

I was like boom, when i slapped her in the face!
Beküldő: TM Watson 2010. február 5.
5 10
A Simple Word used to show randomness and Happiness. It Can be used in many ways.

This word has a multi meaning including: yay!, Wewt! and wow!
"<random IRC'er> Boom!"
Its Often used as a Entrance Word

<Random1> god damn this song is awesome
<Random2> Bordom...
<Random3> Boom!

It can basically be used anywhere
Beküldő: Geno-Blumaru 2006. február 7.
13 18
the sound of an explosion
distant explosion did you hear that boom a suicide bomber died
Beküldő: alphapyr0h4x0r 2010. március 8.
0 6
to have great sex for hours in many positions!
guy 1: Hey dawg did you make the BOOM??

guy 2: Hell yeah shit was amazing!!!
Beküldő: xxpartyBoyxx 2009. október 30.
4 10
What you say when someone says something that sounds perverted. Kinda like "that's what she said"
person 1: Gosh that thing is big
person 2: boom
Beküldő: sdjfhiousagnaigjqe gioa nfgao 2009. július 6.
3 9
The name of a very butch lesbian. Usually very unattractive and loud.
Yo, dat boom over there just beat up that guy. Then he ran away crying.
Beküldő: Lesliesscareme 2009. április 30.
23 29