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(for girls only) look down
boobs are those things coming out of your chest guys are mesmerized by
Beküldő: anonymous25437 2009. május 30.
He liked her hooters.
Beküldő: brice w 2003. január 2.
boobs: two soft areas of a women's body on her upper chest, around the center of which are nipples; are often played with, sucked (both by babies and others).
The man sucked her boobs as he fucked her.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 13.
Something to look at while a girl talks to you.
Boobs make talking to girls fun.
Beküldő: best definitions ever 2006. július 29.
The Things That Give Life Meaning And Joy.
Bill Was Depressed until he saw a pair of boobs, now it's nearly impossible to wipe that smile of his face.
Beküldő: thegreatcornholio 2007. június 26.
A soft thing that comes on around a womans body that men love to touch and feel and suck on! PS they hurt when hit hard!

(.)(.) normal boobs
(.) (.) big boobs
(*)(*) bit boobs
(#)(#) milked boobs

Every guys best friend: uses them to get into sex
girl:Ow! My boobs!

Guy :Soft Boobs!

Guy: Can I touch them?

Guy: I let you ride me if you show me your boobs!

Guy: Did you see her boobs?
Guy2: Ya! they were awesome!

Guy: I wish my girlfriend had big hooters!
Beküldő: big ( . )( . ) 2006. június 26.
Things that are so unbelievably awesome, they come in pairs.
Damn, this boob is awesome! HOLY SHIT! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!

And on thy 8th day, God created the boob. And God saw that it was good, but lonely. So on thy 9th day, God created another. And it was awesome.

Boobs make the world go round.
Beküldő: osmo512 2009. április 21.