Men like to play with busty boobs.
Matt likes to play with Kims busty boobs.
Beküldő: AK 55 2009. augusztus 27.
One of about two parts of a woman that are useful and interesting.
Check out the boobs on that girl. Fucking tops!
Beküldő: Wes Nile 2007. november 16.
jiggly things on a women's chest with a pointy red thing to suck on.
dirty pillows
kid:mom can i touch your boobs? Mom: oh,sure honey
Beküldő: kristen leighton 2005. szeptember 5.
Organic milk/fat sacks, they occasionally annoy girls. When laying down on our stomachs they hurt but most of the time they are beneficial.
God, my boobs are so annoying, they always get in the way.
Beküldő: Swag money baller 2015. április 18.
Why are you searching boob in the urban dictionary you dumbass?
boobs are awesome
Beküldő: The Anonymous Gamer 2015. február 8.
Organs made of Glands for milk secretion along with Fat covered by skin like any other part of the body but is so Artistically designed to attract Men.But looses its charm with aging.
Boobs show nature's intelligence
Beküldő: Ruspet 2011. június 23.
Just something to look at while your talking to a female
SomeGuy: Hi John what were you doing with Jessica yesterday?
John: Just staring at her boobs
Beküldő: Johnny2by14 2009. január 5.

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