breasts of female humans. Something that outweighs the meaning of life.
Hei girl, i like your boobs.
#female breast #paradise #awesome #sexy #tig ol bitties
Beküldő: Galactic Bonesmen 2013. szeptember 19.
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things that guys like to play with
excuse me, can I touch your boobs?
Beküldő: D-nutz 2003. január 11.
a womens sex tool to make men do what she wants them to do
I'll show you my boobs if you buy me the concert tickets I wanted
Beküldő: me 2003. április 19.
(.)(.)-regular ( . )( . )-fat (.) (.)-cleavedge (^)(^)-perkey ( y )-nipleless \./\./-gramma (#)(#)-milked (*)(*)-bitten
Beküldő: fuck a dog 2003. április 15.
God's most lovely creation.
Boobs are boobs!
Beküldő: Stratta 2003. május 13.
large things that men like to touch, play with, and talk about.
Did you touch her boobs, or what?
Beküldő: D-nutz 2003. január 11.
Things that guys love and cant resist
Oh baby can i touch your Boobs?!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. február 7.
Things that make guys and the occasional chick do whatever the bearer of them wishes. They can bring great power and pleasure to whoever owns them, depending on how good they look.
Boobs, Hooters, Honkers, Magumbos, Mounds, Melons, Breasts, Funbags, Tits, Waterbags, Happy sacs, sweater cows, rack, chest.
"That chick has a nice rack"
"From the look of your sweater cows your doing fine"
"I didnt realize this was a party til I saw your funbags"
" Hooters a restaurant based on Hooters"
Beküldő: enigma pie 2005. szeptember 9.
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