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another way of saying boo;;an affectionate nickname for someone.
Oh crisan? thats my boobie
Beküldő: aylaxbabii 2007. május 12.
A woman has two BOOBIES
Beküldő: Becca 2003. augusztus 16.
Big things stuck to a womans personage
When she ran down the road her boobies gave her two black eyes. They were that big!!!
Beküldő: Meeeeofcourse 2003. november 30.
Something that involves a womans breasticles and/or woman-package.
DAMN, her boobies are so pretty. I was looking at them the whole time we were talking.
Beküldő: maryyy 2005. október 13.
hey boobie, how was your day?
Beküldő: Lorpu Gabriel 2008. szeptember 4.
1. Term of endearment for friends, stemming from the animal blue-footed booby.
2. Name for a crush.
1. Boobie, why didn't you call me?
2. Boobie #1 is looking hot today.
Beküldő: Laura 2005. március 20.
Know as the feature on the chest of women
when that women ran her boobies jiggled
Beküldő: alex 2005. március 24.