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an erect blood filled penis. brought on my sexual arousion. the average male gets 3 a night while your sleeping. also known as erection, stiffy, chubby, hard on
that guy would stick his boner in anything with a hole
Beküldő: me 2002. december 14.
10883 3747
1. Something that occurs when the blood leaves a man's brain and goes to his cock.

2. Something that you hide from your parents when there's a female in the room.
"Dude, have Jessica sit on your lap so your mom doesn't see your boner!"
Beküldő: Vicious Bitch 2006. június 29.
7360 3780
erect penis
making out with his girlfriend gave him a boner
Beküldő: anonymous 2002. június 16.
5679 3331
A slang term for an erect penis due to sexual stimulation. It is called so because the penis resembles a bone.
The man got a boner because he was looking at Playboy.
Beküldő: Shoot Me Down 2005. szeptember 19.
4118 2764
1)an erect penis
2)what your boyfriend has when you are making out with him or just holding his hand
3)how big you wish your penis was all the time
1)"my penis was so fucking hard last night I had a major boner"
2)sally was making out with johnny and felt his boner poking her.
3)"Man I had a huge boner last night I wish my penis was that big all the time without all the blood in it," Johnny thought to himself.
Beküldő: areon5674 2006. február 14.
4226 2912
The bane of an adolescent young man's existence. Usually happens during class, normally after eyeing an attractive girl. Extremely embarassing, and when you get one, you'll stick your hand in your pocket to tuck it into your boxers in a futile attempt to avoid discomfort/embarassment. In the worst cases, you'll end up coming in your pants.
Rob: Shit, man I was looking at Samantha in English class, and I got a damn boner, man!

Joe: Did it show?

Rob: It looked like I was hiding a fuckin' fire hydrant in my jeans!

Joey: Shit, dude.
Beküldő: Grand Lizard Theodore 2006. szeptember 25.
2632 1397
an erectile penis, often a sign of arousal
i sat on his lap and holy crap, he had a boner!
Beküldő: packing 2005. december 27.
2666 1682