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Screwed, Fucked, Caught, Dead, in process of or about to be killed
*Bender:Are we boned? .... Leela: Ya we're boned

*Oh if i dont get this done i'm boned

*yup he's boned
Beküldő: Angel Of Fire 34 2003. október 28.
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1. Fucked, meaning in a bad situation

2. Fucked, meaninghaving had sex with
1. after drinking a bottle of drano, Tim was BONED!

2. After heavy consumption of alcohol, Jim and Jenny boned all night.
Beküldő: Chase 2003. december 7.
To fuck, have sex with, intercourse
*Why haven't we Boned yet?
Beküldő: nightterror 2009. november 18.
basically a term for a male having intercouse (non-oral) with another person ;)
james: so you went out with lateesha last night yeah?
adam: yeah it was mad, bruvaa we totally boned
james: fuck yeah! congrats
Beküldő: mistereee 2012. október 19.
1. An undesirable situation in which no solution is viable.
2. The state or quality of being post coitus.
Upon discovering the hooker John had just boned had both the clap, herpes and was his wife's long lost sister, he proclaimed "I'm boned!".
Beküldő: xtreemchikin 2008. július 10.
To have f*cked.
"Man, I boned her Saturday. She's great!"
Beküldő: Harold Wombat 2003. november 6.
In deep trouble. used in futurama when bender says "i cant see, are we boned?"
"uh oh, im boned for blowing up that car"
Beküldő: stevie baby 111 2007. február 8.

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