Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. Sexy awesome, wonderful and way cool.
The love in my life Linda H. is the BOMBDIGGITY !!!!!!!
Beküldő: VEGAS1968 2011. február 21.
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totally the awesomest, no lie
aw man rachel is beyond the bomb diggity
Beküldő: rachel 2004. április 19.
Awesomeness in its purest form.
Beküldő: tealdude4 2005. február 17.
{adj} - A description of something that is better then excellent, great, good, amazing, et cetera.
"Yo, those shoes are the bombdiggity!"
"Your mom's cooking is the bombdiggity, man!"
Beküldő: Aleey 2004. október 22.
"somthing that is cool or just the shit"
"Damn man, that trick was bomb diggity!"
Beküldő: Andrew jizones 2003. május 19.
groovy, hip, happenin, now
Dr. Duke is the most bomb diggity doc I know. He is hot!
Beküldő: dudet 2004. szeptember 2.
Just a different, more creative way to compliment someone. This word must be prefaced with the word "The".
You're awesome You're frickin' great! You're the BombDiggity!
Beküldő: Kyle 2004. május 14.

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