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(patchogue, new york) pTown lingo for boge; also may be called a bogie.
Yo Andrew, lemme get a boge.
Beküldő: Fat Travis 2004. január 23.
when something is bad, uncool, not sweet at all.
when alyshia lost her fake ID, it was sooo boge.
Beküldő: tarynandalyshia 2008. április 30.
Boge::something being a fucked up situation
alex: where did u get that money from
Kelly:i stole it from kristens purse when she told me 2 watch it
alex: damn thas boge...oh well give me some
Beküldő: beth 2004. augusztus 29.
BOSTON GRAFF KING, started writing at the age of 13 and is still bombing and piecing to the fullest.
i met that dude boge the other night at the wall, he burned that problak piece.
Beküldő: gregory thompson 2005. február 25.