fuckin gay word that Domann uses.
i had sex with anne in a bog once
Beküldő: stevefarr 2005. május 10.
you are all wrong. bog is simply an irish gaelic word that means "soft".
bog means soft in irish gaelic
Beküldő: how 'bout nooo 2005. március 8.
Adjective. Used to describe an african american or person of color, similar to the word nigger.
Dude, I hate that guy. He is such a goddamn bog!

You fucking bog!
Beküldő: Sam and Eric 2005. március 7.
have you ever been to the toilet and that black object the size of your arm has dropped out of your pooper and clogged the toilet . well thats pretty much a bog
Eamon I could do three shit and they wouldnt be the size of your bog
Beküldő: dunk 2003. november 5.
God. From "A Clockwork Orange"
Good Bog! What have you done?
Beküldő: Katie Tran 2003. május 7.
to shake your leg or other limb really fast; like a vibrating motion.
Once upon a time there was a girl who started to bog to get her shoe off.
Beküldő: booperflaphi 2009. szeptember 11.
Amazing, or great.

Something so great you're overwhelmed with how fantastic it is.
Person One: Does he have bog ones?
Person Two: Yes, he has bog balls!
Person One: Good for you, man!
Person Two: Damn straight.
Beküldő: ilikemoneeeey 2009. november 17.
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