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An abreviated version of "blinding" the effect, often created by a lights reflection off a particularly shiny surface
Bling are items such as jewelry Puffy Wears or Vanna White's Dress
Beküldő: C O'Rourke 2007. április 8.
Another word for cocaine.
Joe: Yo son, you got any bling?
Tom: Ye boss, come round ere'
Beküldő: Paul thomas jr 2006. november 23.
Ill gotten gains. Expensive jewellery obtained by inflicting pain and suffering on others.
Mah bling I got ba fuckin' up yo poor crackheads' lives.
Beküldő: greg rivers 2005. december 30.
refers to good quality cocaine, the shine/sparkle in cocaine. also slang for crack cocaine
you have good stuff? yea i got bling yo.
you have bling? (crack)
Beküldő: jhustler 2006. április 17.
n. compelling desirablity, beguiling allure
That which is indefinably perfect has bling.
Beküldő: John Bielenberg 2005. október 30.
Proof that wealth can't buy class.
I gotta get into the fake jewelry business, all the retards buying bling I'll never go broke.
Beküldő: Sam is a Dick 2006. október 25.