jewerly of the hip hop culture
that bling... is too shiny... my eyes... burn!!!
#bling #hip hop #jewerly #diamonds #rap
Beküldő: Xavi_cardenas 2007. november 24.
Chav-ish for shiny, gaudy, overpriced, fake gold and/or silver jewellery. See also bling-bling
Chav 1: Check out ma bling, bruv.
Chav 2: Yeh, dass brill bling, innit bruv.
Beküldő: Bill Leslie 2005. május 23.
Any type of jewelry, notably the expensive type. Named from the "bling" sound when light shines off of jewelry in a motion picture or cartoon. Coined by heavy use in lyrics by rapper Lil Wayne.
I visited Jakob the Jeweler and bought me some bling to wear to the club tonite.
#jewelry #ice #diamonds #gold #platinum
Beküldő: djcavant 2006. május 26.
Although all the rage today, bling couldn't have existed a few years ago; FDR, after all, made the private ownership of gold illegal and confiscated all gold in the country.
Although all the rage today, bling couldn't have existed a few years ago.
#rage #fdr #gold #illegal #confiscated
Beküldő: mamacup 2010. november 29.
some of that good "ice" or crystal meth what ever the fuck you want to call it.
you know anybody lookin just hit me up on the celly i got that bling homeboy
#ice #crystal #meth #crstal meth #yello
Beküldő: solo1419 2010. augusztus 31.
Shiny/jewellery/car/ expensive things
Have u seen her house? It's bling bling, have u seen his car? How bling!
Beküldő: Germ 2005. június 23.
To send an instant electronic message to, through such instant messaging services as AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, et al.

This usage of the word comes from the default "bling"-like noise in AIM, made when a message is received.
Robert's away message read, "I'm watchin TV in the next room right now. If you need me, bling me to get my attention."
Beküldő: Icebreed 2005. május 19.
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