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The act of changing your mind on a subject matter because Obama agrees with you.
The republicans blacktrack onwar in Syria because Obama emplores congress to vote yes on a strike there.
Beküldő: billmaherluvr 2013. szeptember 13.
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black·track intransitive verb \’blak-,trak\

The act of changing your mind because President
Obama has agreed with you.

(origin: September 2013, Americanism; Bill Maher - Real Time With Bill Maher)

black (1) + track

1. a dark color, like the color of the current

American President Barack Obama 2009-...
Republicans blacktracked on waging war with Syria
Beküldő: YvesNY 2013. szeptember 13.
The act of changing one's mind because President Obama has agreed with you.
Bob: Hey Eddie, when do you think Obama plans on bombing some more brown people? It doesn't look like that Syria thing is going to happen.

Eddie: Well don't lose hope yet, every conservative in congress just did a blacktrack. There may be bombing after all if they have anything to say about it.
Beküldő: ComradWinston 2013. szeptember 16.
The act of changing one's mind because President Obama has agreed with you.
Republican Congressman/Congresswoman "I oppose war with Syria." President Obama "I also oppose war with Syria." Republican Congressman/Congresswoman "I support war with Syria." (Black Tracking)
Beküldő: Nascarking24 2013. szeptember 16.
The audio accompaniment provided by black people during scary movies.
Black moviegoer in row 19: "What's wrong wit her? Man, if my shorty did that I'd punch her in the face and be like 'Shorty whas wrong witchu?'"
White moviegoer in row 18: "Dude, this blacktrack is amazing."
Other white moviegoer in row 18: "Truth."
Beküldő: JJJJJJJJ8 2010. január 16.

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