Not colorful ;; a great stage or depression. A Lonely feeling about yourself. Sad and down.
I am not a very colorful person, im more black and white. Usually very depressed.
#depressed #sad #lonely #mad #angry
Beküldő: TipsyPenguin007 2006. január 31.
Top Definition
Police. Due to the black and white color scheme of most police cruisers.
Dude, get your ass off that billboard! You know the black and white come by here like, every 5 minutes or so!
Beküldő: teh pope 2004. július 27.
n. A police car, from a time when most police cars were painted black and white
"We got pulled over by a black and white."
Beküldő: wayfarer 2005. április 27.
One of the best PC games ever!
Who should I pick; The Cow, The Ape, or The Tiger?
Beküldő: Bloody Mary 2003. október 9.
Usually referred to as "Good & Evil".
Most people believe the world is Black and white.
The story goes that we used to see in color, but now the world is Color blind & we only see in black and white.
#color blind #black #white #color #good #evil
Beküldő: LivingInColors 2010. március 28.
When talking about old BnW flicks and pics and you want to spell it out, use hyphens.
It's not black and white movies, it's black-and-white!
#black-and-white #bnw #old movie #old flick #old picture #black #white
Beküldő: drunkenbeaverexploitationsects(FRATZ) 2007. január 22.
A worldview that sees all things being either good or evil, with no "gray areas". Characteristic of the Bush administration, and religious and political conservatives.
Conservatives see things in black-and-white. Liberals see things through rose-colored glasses.
Beküldő: LudwigVan 2003. december 19.
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