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The feminine equivalent of blue balls
Dude, that chick went home with a bad case of the blabias
Beküldő: TheGooch 2007. május 14.
the resulting low hanging, loose, flappy rectum walls from repeat gastronomical flatulent assaults on the anus .
Oh man!!! That better not smell, I heard your blabia lips flapping!
Beküldő: journeyr13 2014. május 23.
A contraction of blue labia. The female equivalent of blue balls.
Ouch, I have a case of blabia. I seriously need to get some!
Beküldő: Melinda Doo 2006. szeptember 30.
Blue balls for girls.
She went to his house to get laid, but only got to cuddle. She woke up this morning with a bad case of blabia.
Beküldő: Father, his royal heiness 2012. február 5.