1.the best dog name in the entire history of the world!
2. LIFE!
3. the cutest dog you will ever meet... show-dog potential.
i got myself a biscuit yesterday
Beküldő: biscuitislife 2008. december 5.
Really old, dirty, smelly, torn up shoes
Look at them dirty ass biscuits!
Beküldő: Josh1983 2008. augusztus 9.
Very, Very, Very, Very, Large Ass.
Look at those biscuits my negro brother Adolf!
Beküldő: Toprameneesha Jones-King The 11th Jr. Sr. 2007. szeptember 8.
Anything cool, sweet, awesome, incredible, wonderful, or good. Because biscuits are awesome.
Guy: So this chick was slobbing on my knob- oh man, that head was straight biscuits.

Dude #2: BISCUITS!

Chick: I was fucking the guy who wrote this definition, and it was nothing but biscuits for six hours.
Beküldő: grey 2006. április 26.
Free gift for doing something.
After sitting through that really long time share sales presentation, I totally deserve my biscuit!
Beküldő: TotallyJersey 2006. április 24.
some really busted corny-assed dirty shoes
ooooooooooooooooo look at dem biscuits
Beküldő: josh johnson 2005. november 7.
A fairly short unit of time.
Hey guys, I'll be back in a biscuit.
Beküldő: j 2004. szeptember 12.
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