Beküldő: Lehem 2003. október 18.
50 rocks of crack
Beküldő: Lehem 2003. október 18.
replacement for a curse
"you son of a biscut!!!"
Beküldő: nick 2005. március 15.
Term males use to describe how their nuts smell when they have not showered enough.
Guy A, inserts his hand down his pants and exclaims: Oh man, smell my hand, my biscuits are done! Guy B: You sick fuck, I thought your mom was cooking biscuits in the kitchen.

I need to take a shower, my biscuits have been in the oven too long.
Beküldő: Ras 2005. február 27.
Irrelevant piece of bread that has layering of shades and flavors to them; a piece of fuck ass food.
" Swear that female is always starting rumors, she is nothing but a biscuit"
Beküldő: something mclovin 2014. december 13.
A side piece, or a side hoe
Bruh.. on my life she go mess my homeboy and he gotta girl she a biscuit ..

So you got biscuits?
Beküldő: Kay Laflare 2014. november 23.

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