a ginger.. a red head girl
an alternative word to ginger. This resolves the issue of dissing ginger people infront of one of ur ginger friends without them knowing.

Made by the ever so cute Ben and Kristi
look at that biscuit..
she is ever so bitchy.
Beküldő: Ben and Kristi 2006. március 2.
Beküldő: Lehem 2003. október 18.
50 rocks of crack
Beküldő: Lehem 2003. október 18.
replacement for a curse
"you son of a biscut!!!"
Beküldő: nick 2005. március 15.
Term males use to describe how their nuts smell when they have not showered enough.
Guy A, inserts his hand down his pants and exclaims: Oh man, smell my hand, my biscuits are done! Guy B: You sick fuck, I thought your mom was cooking biscuits in the kitchen.

I need to take a shower, my biscuits have been in the oven too long.
Beküldő: Ras 2005. február 27.
Someone/something that is annoying, lame, stupid, etc.
"I swear to god, you a biscuit!", "That's some biscuit shit"
Beküldő: PizzaDf 2015. március 17.
Irrelevant piece of bread that has layering of shades and flavors to them; a piece of fuck ass food.
" Swear that female is always starting rumors, she is nothing but a biscuit"
Beküldő: something mclovin 2014. december 13.

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