a little something on the sidewalk or the side of your plate that thinks it is more important than it is but actually the whole world could easily live without it-
- " Randy said he'd have killed somebody if he woulda been there when they said that and in fact he was just going out the door to go over there and regulate but then a meteor struck his house ..." \\ - " Randy is a biscuit "
Beküldő: nine eyed eel 2007. november 5.
soft and fluffy person. Also a prision term for a bitch.
Shut up biscuit
Beküldő: Biscuit 2004. április 1.
Your bollocks
OHHHHHHHHHH you caught me in the biscuits
Beküldő: David 2004. február 17.
1)feeling of being an idiot or a let down in sports. 2)someone who drops the ball literally in a sports competition. 3)screwing up and feeling no better than an actual biscuit....because biscuits don't have arms and it could catch better then they did.
He dropped the wide-open pass in the endzone?!? I bet he feels like a biscuit.
Beküldő: Mike B44 2006. február 20.
extacsy you fuckin idots!
hey man u got some biscuts?
Beküldő: who do you think? biotch 2005. július 19.
An awful reading teacher who tawlks in a New Yorwk accent and dwinks cowfee 24/7.
Biscuit has a cock.
Beküldő: ajl;lk;dghad 2003. március 14.
An ugly chick, can be yelled at the ugly chick with no fear of reprisal.
As my friends drove past that old lady, we yelled, "Biscuit!" She had no idea what the fuck just happened.
Beküldő: Rob. P. 2007. május 9.

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