ugly, no money having, groupie type female
I don't see why you worried bout that Birds they just haten cause they ain't on thier buisness
#chicks #girls #byrd #chickenhead #hoe
Beküldő: boss'n chick 2009. október 7.
the wax bat and mountain i flew out of the drive down the street. wow did you see that.

okay let's start over.

can we?

i asked for a second chance and i never got one so she gave me two.
mary let me have her hand so i took her foot. then i took the power drill and let it mask my marriage in the cake.
Beküldő: chris doan 2005. január 9.
Gay Man or women
Beküldő: sourcer 2003. május 15.
A chick thats just a whack ass hoe....has a strong neck cause all she does is suck dick. They usually talk bout what they want knowing damn well shes a dumbass cheap hoe with no cashflow. You dont mess with these kind of chicks cause theyre usually really fake.
"Im about to take one of these birds home to suck my dick"
#bird #pigeon #hoe #skank #slut #tramp #scrub #whore #bitch
Beküldő: Playax08 2009. december 6.
girls, ladies, women.
you looking at my bird?
Beküldő: the ornitho-mysogynist 2004. október 7.
I hate birds! they're always hating.
#birds #birdz #hoes #bitches #sluts #hores
Beküldő: lil manny 2007. május 4.
Bullets from Guns.

In the example below, Lil' Wayne is probably saying that none of his niggaz shoot without his permission.
Lil' Wayne once said in a song:
"The Birds Dont Fly Without My Permission . ."
#bullets #fires shots #rounds #lil' wayne #quote #rhyme
Beküldő: Mone a.k.a. Young Ra$k¹ 2010. április 5.
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