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-a girl that a guy uses for sex but doesnt really care about.

-a hoe.
that girls a bird
Beküldő: pink 2003. július 29.
40 48
Noun. The man's genitals.
That guy says he has a big bird.

We know he doesnt have much of a bird.
Beküldő: Tracy 2003. július 10.
14 22
your mother, mom, mama..watever
Shayla: Yea girl so what you doin this weekend??

Shani: Girl me and my man we goin to da...{ring ring}aww
hold on girl this my bird callin me!!
Beküldő: Glamoriousj 2007. december 15.
3 12
Cocaine( white, snow, c, perico, perics, linias and go old coke......etc.
used by jeffree, edwin, aaron, fernando, sylvia and more people in montebello and east los angeles, ca

hey let's go cop some bird.
Beküldő: Bamm bamm 2007. december 2.
0 9
a female whose a hoe, slut, cunt, bitch... etc
She fucked him! What a fucking BiRD.
Beküldő: MiSZ BABY PHAT 2007. április 22.
10 19
the mind/brain: thoughts about
Girl you stay on my bird.
Beküldő: pnther 2005. május 1.
6 15
$100 in the east bay
ima throw down a bird on that.
Beküldő: watitiz pimp 2005. március 2.
6 15