a package containing contraband
I've got them birds flyin in the coop all day. (coop refering to the trunk of a automobile)
Beküldő: Ryan Lindsey 2006. november 15.
a replacement for the overused expression "word" usually said while giving a "high fist" to a friend after something deserving of said action.
bird! ('nuff said)
Beküldő: bri 2003. július 11.
Bird is the word!!!
Did you not see the ornipholigical piece of the avarian variety?! hmmm thats strange because a bird bird bird, bird is the word!!
Beküldő: Peter Griffin Jnr 2009. június 18.
1. a gangster in southern California known only as "bird"

2. someone who deals drugs in brick form, mostly cocain.
"man i gotta get to the bird to get my stash."
Beküldő: "chicago" 2008. január 11.
An animal who enjoys flying and tweeting.
That bird seems to be enjoying himself flying and tweeting.
Beküldő: TheJEnigma 2004. május 8.
A JET,or other plane
lets get the bird in the air
Beküldő: IYAOYAS 2003. december 8.
Police informer. Originating from 'Stool Pigeon' and 'Singing like a Canary'
Watch me murder the bird before he testify
Beküldő: Hell4aHuslta 2003. január 24.

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