1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
Beküldő: crispy chris the barber 2007. augusztus 19.
Bird is a female. It's old school for chicks. Ask your grand parents.
Checking out the birds.
Beküldő: D'Andre L. Ford 2005. június 24.
key of dope
birds go for 10,500 from me
Beküldő: SARAh 2003. december 9.
Slang for Girlfriend
Will: You comin round with the boys tonight man?
Dan: I can't, I'm seeing my bird.
Beküldő: LMRLANCS 2008. február 2.
A person that gets "around" a lot. a whore, or a playa. Meant in a negative way.
I dont fuck with her, shes a bird.
Beküldő: White Boy Alex 2008. január 30.
British slang meaning girl. Like the American chick.
Man: I was talkin to that bird just the other day.
Beküldő: Ja Jackson 2005. július 22.
As I learned from a friend who had to spend the weekend in jail for a DUI, "bird" is jail slang for chicken.

Why be so specific and use the word "chicken"? Bird is a more convenient word to memorize for a person with only a 100 word vocabulary.
"Yo, I gonna get my grub on dat bird yo"
Beküldő: Ant2562001 2012. szeptember 19.
Slang word used for helicopter
Check out that bird in the sky man
Beküldő: Chiquita 2007. július 10.
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