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Used in many MMORPG's to indicate that you will be away to go to the restroom.
Dude1 "Hey dude, sorry, but I need to take a bio break because it feels as if I have a turtle-head poking out."
Dude2 "Dude, please, just say your going bio. I don't want a picture dude."
Beküldő: Blackadder ll 2005. január 15.
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biological waste
brb gone for bio ( a piss)
Beküldő: Gitfire 2003. május 10.
Computer term: "Basic Input Output System" Stores information about the computer and what it can do. After its done, it passes control to the MBRBoots up like this: "Power" -> "Power Box" -> "BIOS Chip" -> "Hard Drive" -> "Master Boot Record" -> "Operating System"
My BIOS got fried in that storm.
Beküldő: Alex 2004. január 16.
Also known as a profile, BIO is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.
My Age is on my bio page.
Beküldő: Jak Dude 2005. április 30.
Basic Input Output System
I must flash the bios of my motherboard
Beküldő: Sonik 2003. augusztus 2.
Basic Input Output System

"The BIOS on the main server for fried and died."
Beküldő: Error01 2005. december 18.
An annoying way to say you're going to the bathroom, often used in WoW but has been used less frequently over the years (thankfully)
Gaydude123: Brb bio
Gayguy321: Dude just say you have to take a shit
Beküldő: GM8 2010. október 3.

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