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The food of the gods.
Yeah, Odin and Thor and Allah, they all cruise down to Maccy D's fo' some of the good shit.
Beküldő: yer mum 2004. január 11.
13 45
slang for '25', as in quarter pounder.
Where's Dollar/Mark? "figure, Big Mac"
Beküldő: Mark in the Dark 2006. február 28.
3 36
A fat person, who seems to have a goldfish memory
Nicole is such a big mac!
Beküldő: Matthew Bennett 2005. május 10.
5 42
the often used and relevant nickname for big loser Trent Mccallen who comes from Boganville and now lives in Redfern. Probably friends with fat harry.
Trent: thats it boys...im not coachin you anymore!
Us: Shut the fuck up big mac, you fucking loser!
Beküldő: red balls 2005. március 21.
9 48