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This refers to the sometimes painful action on the penis occured mostly during sex. The penis bends in the middle or at the base wrongfully.
The chick rode me so hard, I bendy straw'd a couple of times.
Beküldő: Pee in the park 2005. május 31.
noun; a bisexual person; a person who is attracted to both sexes
I think Keeli might be a bendy straw, you better stay away from her.
Beküldő: pati 2006. május 24.
Reference to a male penis that is slightly bent or curved.
"He has a bendy straw!"
Beküldő: bidderbush 2009. március 11.
A skinny or wimpy person.
Dude, he is like 6 feet tall and weighs like 110. What a bendy straw!
Beküldő: Green Tak 2008. október 16.
Extremely skinny girls, they look like moving straws
She's so skinny, she's a bendy straw.
Beküldő: CBesta 2007. szeptember 18.
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