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the most homosexual of all people on the intertoobs, a total idiot that brags about things he doesn't have, makes retarded comments on things he knows nothing of and overall acts like a vagina.
that dude is a total beezwax!
Beküldő: beezwax's bff 2008. március 26.
42 16
In an effort to condense the english language, this word can be substituted for dumb, idiotic, retarded, etc.

Refers to user of the name on NASIOC, Houston-Imports and other bulletin boards.
Damn, I think you just said the most beezwaxed thing ever.
Beküldő: TXIC 2007. augusztus 31.
46 20
Used to describe verbal diarrhea.
Beezwax says: "This turbo runs off of eggs and paper clips."

You respond: "Thats a brilliant beezwaxed explanation of how everything does not work."

Beküldő: T3h Rancid 2007. szeptember 17.
36 19