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A title given to the truly awesome, but usually mistaken for diabetes. Originally used by the great Wilford Brimley.
Wow! That guy truly is the Beetus!
Beküldő: Morbid Duck 2010. június 13.
slang term for diabetes. originates from liberty medical ad with Wilford Brimley (he of Our House and Quaker Oats fame), who pronounces diabetes like most old people, "diabeetus".
"i got all fat then i caught the beetus, yo."
Beküldő: trevor bizznaps 2007. március 28.
The act of taking a female home, punishing the box and kicking her out right afterwards.
"Yeah, she's aight... I'd give her the beetus..."
Beküldő: SweetNizzutz 2009. október 16.