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I mean American slang.
I may inform later.
that's my beeswax.
Beküldő: w313g 2013. augusztus 4.
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"mind ya own bees wax"

instead of

"mind ya own business"
Beküldő: McGoonster 2009. október 5.
sitckng ur dick in one's ear getting wax on the tip and having the other person lick it off.
Breh i gave her a Bee's wax last night. Best night ever ;)
Beküldő: CackBoss 2011. január 27.
This started as a slang term for sex at Matoaca High.
Example 1-
Guy1: Hey man!
Guy2: Hey man whats good? Hey you do anything this weekend?
Guy1: Yeah man i got me some of that bees wax!

Beküldő: VTINE 2009. március 30.
Beeswax is said when describing a situation that has gone wrong or an item that you dislike.
Eh cunter this film is a load of beeswax.
Beküldő: Yes I 2006. december 11.

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