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1. Somebody really ripped and muscular. Usu. male.
2. Used ironically to describe somebody extremely overweight. Popularized by an early episode of South Park in which Cartman drinks weight gain formula and gets really huge.
3. A cake made of meat. Almost always beef.
Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!!
Beküldő: Paul O'Neill 2004. július 3.
674 205
this can also mean anyone that is beefy, muscular, body builder. It's a goofy way of saying "your buff"
That hunk in the gym was a total beef cake.
Beküldő: JenJenJen987 2005. október 14.
301 94
Term used to refer to buff/ripped males. Beefcakes are usually good-looking and enjoy displaying their muscles to the masses.
I wanna get me some beefcake!
Beküldő: Narcissus 2004. november 2.
294 165
A large and muscular man who enjoys hockey, football, and other sports. He also enjoys eating. The typical beefcake is not the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact he is rather dumb.
"Check out the bootie on that beefcake"

"That beefcake justr ate my ice cream"

"That beefcake just ate my chicken"

"That beefcake just ate my broccoli"

"That beefcake just ate my leg"

"That beefcake just ate my babies"

"That beefcake just ate that beefcake"
Beküldő: Mala1516 2006. április 23.
215 177
Someone who really enjoys cake and is also beefy.
Wow Erin, that plate of cookies disappeared in under 5 minutes! Your such a beef cake!
Beküldő: Fireman4945 2014. április 15.
0 1
a way to describe fat ladies ass cheeks
damn jena has some huge beef cakes
Beküldő: shames wachnally 2008. augusztus 19.
9 17
A hunky man who clearly works out! You seen the film alien? coz his dick flies out of his pantaloons faster than that alien fuckin jumps out of your chest. BITCH!
Beküldő: iJustDidAWhoopsieInMyPantaloon 2010. október 24.
1 10