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slang for masturbating
Kregg beat the beat while Julie watched and pleasured herself.
Beküldő: Bubbleyum Duck 2004. február 26.
307 76
A term for male mastubation (UK)
He liked to beat his meat whilst watching Anna Kournikova play tennis
Beküldő: Rich Lawson 2005. május 22.
219 85
verb synonym for masturbation
"Hey stop beating the meat!"
Beküldő: SLOGAN 2002. december 6.
131 59
1. a butchers job of pounding meat until it is tender.

2. a term used by butchers when they announce their going to masturbate but don't want any customers to find out what is really going on in the back room.
Butcher 1: Im going to go in the back room and beat the meat.
Butcher 2: Alright just don't beat it that hard or it will bruise
Beküldő: TyBangLon 2011. február 28.
60 28
After a man has had oral sex and shot his load, he then beats his cock on the woman's face to make sure all the cum has been unloaded.
He shot his load then proceded to beat the meat until every last drop was on her face.
Beküldő: <insert> 2004. október 2.
75 156
what u do in front of people while being drunk as fuck!
How much have u had to drink?
sut hte fuk up dood im beetin my fukin meet%$23?>
Beküldő: cody 2004. szeptember 2.
33 123