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ugly fat and gay thing
the Lama is a fucking beast
Beküldő: christian marchioni 2008. február 7.
2 8
A word used by scene kids in southern california that refer to people who aren't always that ugly but people that scene kids would very much like to curb-stomp.
"Omg, that girl is such a beast, I'll kick her ass"
Beküldő: A person from orange county 2007. november 5.
2 8
Another word used for jail
The judge just sentanced me to spend 4 years in the beast.
im stuck in the belly of the beast
Beküldő: Big Jamez 2005. szeptember 20.
6 12
a person who is so fat that they couldnt see there puss.
oohh i saw that beast in da mall her fat was poppin out her shirt.
Beküldő: nina 2005. március 27.
3 9
An aestheticly unpleasant young woman. Usually built stonger than most animals native to African plains.
DAMN! She's ugly!

Yeah, she's a beast!
Beküldő: Idlevice 2005. február 28.
12 18
A less violent way to swear
argh! you beast
What a beast
Beküldő: Martin 2005. február 8.
6 12
A disgusting whore of a woman who is able to steal the independence of men and drink the goblet of their souls.

Also see: bitch
We all gathered in a circle at dawn and prayed for Cranford's salvation, thus departing after the moment of silence with the call, 'Reeeee!"
Beküldő: Monkey-University of Maryland 2004. november 11.
23 29