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Another word for a blowjob.
I just got a bean cap off of Leann Cambell.
Beküldő: Bill English 2004. szeptember 26.
a beancap is head ,felatio, yams, yum yums, its wen a chick goes down on you.
sorry sir your wife cant come to the phone shes givin me a beancap
Beküldő: Dave Rocks 2008. április 28.
it's when you plug someone in the ass and pull out a small peice of poop or a dingleberry on the head of your cock,you have a beancap.
i'm gonna make her eat this beancap when im done.
Beküldő: slaveowner 2008. április 29.
to get fucked in the ass and then lick the shit off the penis
John fucked Jenny in the ass and she totally gave him a bean cap!
Beküldő: Bean 2005. január 10.