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The beach
Beküldő: MALDJFQWOPOPWKOQDW GIZZLE 2011. július 5.
1 3
Something that is beach-like.
Something that reminds you of the beach.
Wow, your room is pretty beachy! It has a fake palm tree and everything! It's like I'm in Hawaii again!
Beküldő: Reag 2008. január 6.
40 9
To dress to casual for work,

This can either be in relations to your companies dress code, or your bosses view of what the dress code should be
Boss: Hey Steve dressed a little beachy today are we..

Steve: Uh.. Yeah the flip-flops were a little much eh..

Boss: Well, wearing those Board Shorts is a little much, Those Flip-flops are something else..

Steve: :|
Beküldő: twinny22 2009. november 26.
2 3
After eating a large portion of food, you feel exteremly full and proceed to lay down and resemble a beached whale!
Oh man! I'm so beachy after eating 5 baconators!
Beküldő: Sarah Au 2008. március 18.
4 22
Substitute for pikey, though is used in particular for pikey's from Stourport,Worcs.
Look at the beachy with ginger hair over there next to the purple micra.
Beküldő: Will Ferrell 2005. január 13.
11 30