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To masturbate.

The word comes from the phrase "Bash the Bishop" i.e. masturbate. (The Bishop in a game of chess resembles a bell-end.)
I had an epic bash over betty last night. She has some mighty fine ass.
Beküldő: 1st Earl of Granville 2009. február 17.
(v)to insult something
Quit bashing tat Xbox user -- It's not his fault he didn't realize it was crap
Beküldő: Richard Ward 2004. február 27.
to masturbate furiously.
Yo, that nasty dude up in the bathroom is bashin' it!
Beküldő: Wanksta 2003. január 29.
to through a party which is usually a spur of the moment thing.
i'm having a small bash round mine later... you coming?
Beküldő: *Alex* 2005. április 21.
a giant party
Man, the party last week was a total bash!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. november 1.
BASH - BASH Superceded 'sh', the original unix shell. BASH stands for Bourne Again Shell.

Other shells:
ksh (Korn Shell), sh- Original Shell. There are many others
Bash is available for free from the GNU/Bash website.
Beküldő: Justin Britt 2004. március 25.
Bash means to beat someone up. Punch, or fight with
Bob wants to "bash" that muthafucka coz he feels like it!
Beküldő: EILEEEEEN 2005. október 25.
v. To bash.
The act of submitting one or more lines from an IRC conversation to the database.
Beküldő: Targen 2002. december 2.