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1) Term used to describe a sexy or attractive person.

2) Term used to describe something that is great, wonderful, awesome.
That bitch is bangin' yo! I look bangin' tonight.

Man, that shit is bangin'!
Beküldő: Andy 2002. november 3.
952 194
Short for "Banging"
1. adj. meaning highly attractive (refering to an object or person)
2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (refering to music, a party, etc.)
3. v. to be involved with a gang. present or past tense.
4. v. to have/having/having had sex. present or past tense.
1. "man did you see that girl tom was with... she was bangin!"

2. "the club was bangin last night man, you should have come out"

3. "that fools been straight bangin' since was 13..."

4. "I was bangin this girl from alabama back then..."
Beküldő: Olly J 2005. február 6.
552 74
Something that is really appealing
Shit, she's bangin'!
Beküldő: coby 2003. február 23.
297 151
An adjective used to describe something that is impressive, enjoyable, or just basically good.

While originally used to describe fast, pounding music, it can now be used to describe anything.
That film was bangin'!

This song is bangin', I love the drumbeat!
Beküldő: Col 2004. április 23.
143 26
having sex; screwing, fucking
last night we were bangin' on the floor
Beküldő: steph 2004. július 22.
228 123
To look really good.
" damn, that girl is bangin! "
Beküldő: bongo. 2003. október 29.
136 68
pronounced: "bang-in'"

used in substitution for: sweet, nice, dope, phat, tight, or to describe looks of either the male of female gender
Nate: Did you check out dat' ho'z dumps?
E' : Fo sheezy, ain't they bangin' ...yo?
Beküldő: e\' dog 2003. április 18.
109 54