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A band whore is often confused with a groupie. While a groupie is a girl that sleeps with the band, a band whore is a girl that will sleep with the band, the road crew, managers, let explicit photos of her be taken, masturbate in front of said people, and do it all while sober.
That chick wearing too much make-up over there is a complete band whore.
Beküldő: Ms. Anal Lubricant 2004. július 12.
A person who gets in so many bands and keeps quitting and going in different bands.
Craig Mabbit is a band whore. He was in so many bands I can't even count.
#craig mabbit #band #whore #quitting #person
Beküldő: PERSONONURBANDICTIONARY 2010. december 30.
In high school, the girl in the band room that goes out with all of the guys at some point or another.
Usually a striking brunette who plays alto saxophone very badly.
Beküldő: clever 2003. december 12.
Person who sleeps with numerous members of bands yet normally is not a slut outside of fucking the bands.
Rayne, girl who did 5 guys in my band but wouldnt hit with no one who isnt in the scene
Beküldő: jason slaves 2003. december 10.
A black-listed prostitute.
That skanky-assed bitch shot her pimp and now she's a band whore.
#ho #bitch #pimp #band #nigga
Beküldő: zGrooveMeister 2012. szeptember 11.
someone in multiple bands.
alex. alex. dave grohl.
Beküldő: alex blows goats 2003. szeptember 5.
a person who lives their life to tell others of their connections to certain famous and not so famous band members
Dude...the band whore is back. Security!!!!
Beküldő: limp dipshit 2003. március 17.
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