a nutter
Haw you! Ya jakey wee bam!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 13.
Friend - My girlfriend dumped me :(

You - BAM and grow a pair!!!
Beküldő: Zmac-1 2011. szeptember 30.
An adjective used to describe an attractive girl.
"Who was the blonde girl from the party last night?"

"I don't know man, but she was pretty bam."
Beküldő: jose rayes 2010. március 10.
when a joke is not funny or humorous, one ends their unfunny joke by saying BAM!
Joanna says: "Your hair looks cat litter"... then begind laughing

Bobby says: BAM! not funny
Beküldő: zllehc 2009. november 8.
Bad Ass Motherfucker
Just as LOL and FYI stand for several words and are used to reduced typing; BAM is a shortened term that one can use to signify victory or triumph in any given situation.

Player A typed "BAM" after flopping a full house and wiping the floor with the opposition. Generally used when one is worthy of self-congratulation.
Beküldő: N Durbin 2007. augusztus 15.
The ultimate ending to a argument, when used all talk relating said argument must cease.

Person1 : Your a goose with wings!
Person2 : ...No I'm not.
Person1 : Yes, you are! BAM!
Person2 : No..but..
Person1 : I said BAM!
Beküldő: hughbert! 2007. február 3.
bastard ass motherfucker
I cant believe he cheated on me, he such a BAM.
Beküldő: tS.BBY 2009. november 20.

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