A word used to highlight, or show appreciation for, an awesome shutdown.
G-Unit: Ha Ha get a load of that arse (points at some fat random)
Siggy: yeah... like you can talk
Jess: bam!
Beküldő: guesssss.... 2005. május 30.
1) a famouse pro skater who has his own show.
2) a brand of skateboarding stuff.
3)An exclamation to express ones emotions.
1) Im gona watch viva la bam.
2) I got this new bam board and its totally awesome.
3) so I sneake up to him and BAM! right there.
Beküldő: Nelly masta 2004. április 30.
And the dirt is gone!
BAM! and the dirt is gone!
Beküldő: jjkds 2010. június 19.
A "Black And Mild" Cigar Abbreviated To "Bam"
Dude I Got A Bam
Lets Smoke That Mufuckaa
Beküldő: macfjetland 2010. május 27.
In Cruzan slang: an expletive said after a particularly lame joke.
" What's black and white and read all over?" "I don't know, what?" "A newspaper!" "Bam!"
Beküldő: ArchieG 2005. augusztus 5.
this word pertains to when you want to "do" someone really bad. you see them and automatically you want to ..hardcore
i saw this guy and it was like bam he was so hot...
Beküldő: meagan 2004. november 20.
a nutter
Haw you! Ya jakey wee bam!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 13.

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