One of the previous definitions went too deep and turn out completely wrong in the end. Bali is a Street term for marijuana.
Let me hit that bali bruh bruh.
Beküldő: Budd Master 2011. április 26.
An out of control night when drugs are taken and at some point you rip a sink off a wall. note: not all sinks can be ripped off a wall, but you gotta try.
1. Amy Whinehouse was balis the night she died.

2. Before he was winning, Charlie Sheen was balis.

3. Tom "dude wheres my car?"

Dan "i dunno man we got balis last night"
Beküldő: Da Dentist 2011. július 25.
Australia in Indonesia.
Lets go to Bounty Hotel to play spot the Balinese.
Beküldő: MissTata 2014. március 5.
a korean word meaning quickly, fast, not slow
if you want the taxi driver to go faster tell him "bali bali"
Beküldő: LeeMinwoo 2005. szeptember 5.
balisong, or a butterfly knife
Beküldő: balisong42 2003. augusztus 23.
The worst possible insult ever imaginable. If you call anyone a Bali it must be because they deserve it.
Dude that guy is such a bali...
Beküldő: yzoolf 2011. május 3.
a place where three of my countrymen died because of some scrotrot muslim terrorist muthafuckers who think they can dominate the world.
12/10/02 will be remembered.....
Beküldő: Brother Number One 2003. október 12.

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