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an amout of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
dawn owes me a bajillion dollars, so give me a check.
Beküldő: Juanlovesdawn 2005. június 6.
The largest and best number ever.
Naruto is 22 bajillion times better than DBZ.
Beküldő: Not-NecroAngel: 2005. május 20.
Any number u want it to mean.
Your in a math test, a bunch of questions like 35646 x 24617549375 = come up and u have forgotten your calculator, only one thing u can do, answer everything as bajillions and u r sure to pass!
Beküldő: ba-JILL-EE-un 2003. október 2.
Bajillion is the highest number in the world, surpassing infinity. It can be used to describe an amount of love or affection, happiness, or any other crap you'd want to count.
Ty is my favorite x038467346bajillion.
Beküldő: BrittneyS 2005. július 25.
A number equal to 1 commonly misused as a non-specific though very large quantity.
Man, that felt like it took a bajillion years!
Beküldő: Shadowsouled 2007. szeptember 13.
Another name for the number one.
There are three bajillion feet in a yard.
Beküldő: Shadowsouled 2006. szeptember 30.