When a male animal's, usu. human's, flaccid penis is struck by the outside extremity of someone else's finger ("flicked") for reasons other than sexual (i.e recreation, revenge, etc.). A synonim is "dick flick".
I believe you will suffer from a ba-dong, since you drank all the beer I bought.
Beküldő: Maxwell Fartfoop 2003. december 12.
It is a word made up by the "Chosen One" from the awsome movie Kung Pow. It was a word made up especially to describe how wrong killing was. You know, Bad-Wrong, or Badong.
The actions that Master Pain (or Betty) is taking are badong! BADONG, Betty, BADONG!!
Beküldő: Elise & Tristan 2004. november 3.
The sound of a large penis being unleashed from the pants.
John Holmes enteed the room and with a thunderous Ba-Dong the hores fell over with their legs in the air!
Beküldő: Groovn333 2005. március 25.
Its a combination of bad and wrong when something is just totally out of control
Woah man what that chick was doing was totally badong.
Beküldő: Amy 2003. december 31.
The new stronger word for bad PLus wrong
Killing is wrong, and bad. In fact there should be a new stronger word for killing like badrong or Badong, Yes killing is badong
Beküldő: Bobbb 2005. január 22.
something that is bad and wrong
The man who sliced her head is very badong
Beküldő: Terra Lingenfelter 2004. november 14.
a new word for killing it a mix of bad and wrong
Your badong for killing that kid!
Beküldő: dan 2004. január 5.
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