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Similar to bitch, it is used less frequently in some Texas areas. A buba is kinda helpful, being near one will make your life quite easier.
Sister, Sister's friends, Mother's friends...
Sentence: This girl makes me feel a buba...
|| I'm getting buba because of you all!
Beküldő: George2000 2006. május 15.
Big Upper Buttcrack Area...

Pronounced "boo-pa"
Dang girl how'd ya get that b.u.b.a in those jeans?

Look at the b.u.b.a busting out her pants..!
Beküldő: jakenblesyca 2010. július 27.
your large black cellmate that makes you his bitch.
where is your husband buba
Beküldő: jeff 2004. február 25.
something i ca my best mate who i luv lots likey
hey buba, luv ya loads xxx
Beküldő: Dot Mary Dey 2009. augusztus 9.