pronounced as "A"

meaning. HEY

and such.
AYE YOU; what is uppppppppppppp
Beküldő: an0nym0us. 2006. május 6.
a quick way to say "What the Fuck!?"
Usually accompanied by "YO"
Native to the New Jersey, New York area
while someone is stealing your car, You yell "AYE!!!!!"
Then You yell at the cop next to the guy stealing your car "AYE!!! YO!!!!"
Beküldő: Joe B. Ruthless 2003. október 15.
aye ,..can be used as what the fuck riggghht like a when , what , why , aye or usually in for of a question starter
liek some1 mite say " wanna come to a concert"
and your lke AYEEEE sooo then the person that asked mite say " tommorrow night" get it ??
Beküldő: tamara 2004. január 11.
Its another word for hey but this is the way Fonzi does it AYEEEEEEEEEE
Ayeeeee Fonzi Ayeeeeee
Beküldő: Joe 2004. január 13.
What's up
Aye wyd tonight
Beküldő: WillyWonka10 2015. november 18.
A means of saying Hi.
Aye!!! Bob what are you doing here?
Beküldő: Meow13 2015. augusztus 17.
Are you coming with us tonight ? Aye ,get you in the pub at 8 o,clock
Beküldő: kerdo1888 2015. június 2.

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